Delivery Terms & Conditions

Delivery Advice To Customers

·      Please note prices may change without notice

·      Rodgers Building & Landscape Supplies delivery service extends to the kerbside only.

·      Ensure safe access is available to your site, drivers are not permitted to leave goods on footpaths or pedestrian thoroughfares.

·      Deliveries onto job site or private property may be completed by invitation only.

·      Rodgers drivers will take utmost care, but no responsibility will be taken for any damage to property or grounds that may occur.

·      Delivery includes unloading goods but does not include moving goods within site.

·      Rodgers drivers will determine when a delivery is deemed unsafe, due to adverse weather conditions or unsuitable site issues.

·      Full payment must be finalised before goods are released on-site, except for approved account customers.

·      Goods remain the property of Rodgers until cheque payments are cleared. Returned cheques will incur an additional charge.

·      Customers should ensure an experienced person is on-site to accept delivery.

·      Goods received must be checked by the receiver, please ensure the site is ready to accept delivery without delay to avoid “wait” charges.

·      Rodgers takes no responsibility for goods left at unmanned sites, and will not replace any missing goods.

·      With HIAB deliveries, the site owner accepts all responsibility if requesting the driver to raise goods onto above ground structural members, and that such members meet structural engineering standards. Rodgers and their drivers accept no responsibility for any damage incurred.

Download our Delivery Charges PDF which outlines the cost of delivery to your suburb.

Customer Delivery Requirements

·      Customers are to ensure their site has safe driver access for kerbside parking and delivery of goods, ie no parked cars blocking access to the site.

·      Drivers will determine when a HIAB delivery can be executed safely. Prior to delivery customers should ensure there are no tree branches, overhead wires, or slope of ground etc, that may not allow a safe crane delivery to site.

·      If the delivery is to a site on a main road, customers may be required to employ traffic control staff for safety. Enquire with your local council or road authority.

·      Drivers will not deliver to sites during ‘clearway’ operating hours.

·      Site access should be greater than 3 metres.

·      HIAB deliveries will require up to 6 metres clearance to extend truck stabilisers.

·      Customers are to advise delivery driver of any onsite concerns, ie unstable ground, water pipes, taps etc. Drivers will not accept any responsibility for any damage that may occur on site.

·      Customers are to advise Rodgers at least 24 hours prior to delivery if the site is affected by rain or other conditions making site access unsafe.

·      Customers are to ensure their site is ready for delivery, goods that cannot be delivered will be returned to Rodgers yard, and an additional fee will be charged to redeliver to site.

·      Should a delivery truck weight exceed the local road load limit, the customer agrees that any fine incurred by the driver will be payable by the customer.

Should you need further information, do not hesitate in contacting your local supplier.